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New Season

After a long awaited hiatus of sorts, we are back!

Sometimes it becomes necessary to stop and re-evaluate where you are going, where you have been, and what is next. As a band, we have definitely come through that season. I'm going to be perfectly frank. Our new music does not sound like our "old" music. Fans from our past Sweeteverafter days may feel like we've completely changed. And I guess when it comes to the music, we have. But it's important in art, even in life, to continue to create what you love, what speaks to your heart, and what could speak to others. Sweeteverafter Music will always be two, Ammee and Jay and as we continue to create and produce what stirs in our hearts we hope that you continue on this journey with us! We are still the same two souls who poured out in our first two records.

We'll be launching our latest crop of songs soon, and have plans for new media and music for you to enjoy.

Thanks for taking the ride with us!

To new seasons ~


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