"Peace Is" the latest release from Sweeteverafter





Adoration Album ~ the making of


Black Hole Sun (Cover Song)
Somebody to Love (Cover)


"...this duo makes what could be labelled as “introspective rock;” with each note they seek to find peace in the cracks and crevices of this life we lead."

-  The Midnight Bandwidth



‘Adoration’ is the latest offering from the music duo known as SWEETEVERAFTER. Part Americana, singer/songwriter, borderline country, with a bit of world beat, the album is a departure from the band’s beginnings — which was a heavier, harder sound. The new album aims to create a unique experience for the listener although, this time, the melodies and lyrics may speak more directly to their hearts.   

Everyone has experiences in their life that cause them to take a step back, take a breath and simply behold or adore, that which they experience. For some it may be the wide open spaces of nature, for others it could be the beauty of a childs eyes. 

I wanted to write songs that speak to the heart of what I adore, and songs that point towards what I have experienced in life and heartache.  Every song on this album is an honest and candid story, a step in my journey of discovering what is important to me, and what causes my heart to well up with adoration. It was only fitting that we called this collection of songs "Adoration Project".

Enjoy the music ~ Ammee Pearl.

Sweeteverafter, a couple who has proven to, literally, make beautiful music together.

The two musicians first made it official with the formation of the band SWEETEVERAFTER. Fronted by the voice of Ammee Pearl, and the guitar artistry of Jay Huzil the group earned a solid reputation as a mix of “heavy-edged rock with an acoustic aftertaste” with their highly anticipated debut album, 'My Death'
The first album was hard, raw and real, an expression that paid off with stellar reviews and a nomination for Metal Song of the year in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2012 for their single "Find Myself."

Their second album 'Acoustic Aftertaste,' honored the essence and the origins of the music, with a live, intimate and acoustic recording of songs from the first album, but had shifted to become decidedly more haunting and melodic.  

By 2014, half of SWEETEVERAFTER’s musicians had moved on but Pearl and Huzil — the heart of the band — were, and still are, at the core.

Now Pearl aims to write songs that speak to the heart of our existential questions, and answers them in her own way. Sweeteverafter's third offering ‘Adoration’ may be classified as a "new sound" for SWEETEVERAFTER, but the essence of the music remains the same.

“What we are able to accomplish together musically is humbling and inspiring even still for me,” stated Pearl.  “ Jay is able to bring an arrangement and maturity to the music that is unique in today's sea of songs. I've always felt this partnership was special.”






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